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Failure to Appear in Court

FAQ: What happens if the defendant does not return to court?

If the defendant misses court, this is known as “failure to appear”. The legal system terms this “FTA”.

Failure to appear may or may not be a significant big picture problem.

A simple situation would be illness, car problems or just forgetting about going to court. If court was missed in one of these accidental ways, the defendant or the indemnitor needs to contact the bondsman and the court immediately. In most cases, the court date can be rescheduled with a couple of phone calls and simple paperwork.

However, if the defendant missed court because they are attempting to evade the system, a major issue is at hand. If the defendant missed court on purpose and refuses to go back, then a warrant will be issued for his arrest. The bondsman will need to bring the defendant back to jail or court in Alameda.

If the defendant can be located and returned to the court, the bail bond contract signer will be required to pay related expenses.

If the defendant cannot be located and has truly “skipped bail”, the bail bond contract signer will have to pay the bondsman for the entire amount of the bail as well as any costs incurred by the bail company.

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Updated: 06/21/2015