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Federal Bail Bonds

Federal Bondsman for Alameda County

You do not need to be intimidated if your loved one needs a federal bail bond. Federal bail bonds in Alameda County are somewhat different from county or state bail bonds.

When you know what to expect about the federal bail bond process, you will feel more comfortable and the procedure will go much smoother.

Federal Bail Cost

The main difference between a county or state bail bond and a federal bail bond is the cost. Where state and county bonds only require a ten percent fee, for federal bail bonds you must pay 15% up front. The reason for the higher fee is that there is greater risk for the with the federal bonding process.

In some cases, the bondsman can arrange for a bail payment plan if the premium is not within your budget at the time. Each case will be considered on an individual basis.

Collateral Requirement

The other difference is the collateral aspect of the federal bail bond.

For a federal bail bond, you must have enough collateral to cover the remaining portion of the defendant’s bail.

The court will hold a “nebia hearing” in order to determine if you have the collateral needed for the bond. This is handled through an attorney.

Once you have been approved by he court, the process for the bail bond can continue.

Federal bail bonds typically involve a large amount of money. Many bail bondsmen are wary of taking on a federal bail bond. There is much more work involved and an added risk for the bond agency.

When you choose a bondsman who has the knowledge and experience to work with the federal bail bonds process, though, you can be confident that it will be handled correctly and that your loved one will be released as soon as possible. You will not have to worry when you have a professional agent working with you.

If you are looking for more information about a federal bail bond for Alameda County or are ready to start the bail bonds process, call our office at 1-510-291-4169.

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Updated:  06/18/2015