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Berkeley Police Arrest Report

The Berkeley Police and the UC Berkeley Police Department have released a report which outlines recent call logs.  According to that report, a resident placed a call to the BPD alleging a person was driving recklessly in an area near Allston Way.  Berkeley Police responded to the call but were unable to locate the vehicle in question.

Officers also reportedly responded to an incident in which a strange man was seen yelling and pacing in an area close to Ohlone Park.  The caller indicated the man had been yelling for almost an hour.   A responding officer located and spoke with the man, who indicated he had recently been made aware of some bad news.

The following day, Berkeley Police officers were asked to investigate reports of a residential burglary.  It is believed the suspect entered the residence through an unlocked window.  A laptop computer was stolen.   A second residential burglary was reported later that day.  The two events are not believed to be related.

On Aug. 30, the department received calls pertaining to armed robbery, robbery and sexual battery.  The suspects, described as a white male, a 36 year old black male and an 18 year-old clean cut white male with medium length brown hair are still at large.


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