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Occupy Oakland Protester To Serve Six Months At Santa Rita Jail

Twenty four year-old Cesar Aguirre has been sentenced to serve six months at the Santa Rita Jail.  He is also required to complete five years probation upon his release.

Aguirre was arrested and charged with felony vandalism after he reportedly smashed a front window at the Oakland Police Department’s recruiting office during an Occupy Oakland protest in Jan.   A representative from the district attorney’s office confirmed evidence showed Aguirre had broken six windows in total and caused damage in excess of $6,000.  They also believe he tried to gain entry to the building once the glass had been shattered.

Aguirre continues to maintain his innocence.  His attorney, though, said he was surprised the sentence was not more harsh, calling it a “fair order”.

The Occupy Oakland protest began on Nov. 2 2011. More than 400 people were arrested during a Jan. 19 protest in which City Hall was vandalized, display cases were smashed, electrical wires were cut and other pieces of public property were destroyed.   Demonstrators were reported to have thrown rocks, bottles and other items at officers who attempted to break up the mob.  Occupy organizers lambasted police for making so many arrests, saying they had not given protesters adequate time to disburse peacefully.

Information as to sentencing for other persons arrested during the Jan. 19 event is not currently available.


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